Watch What Happens When A Quadcopter Flies through Fireworks

The 4th of July is a great time to get together with friends to watch fireworks. From the ground these explosions in the air are spectacular, but have you ever wondered what it is like to see what it’s like inside the display? Lucky for you some recent footage has surfaced showing a great vantage point inside the firework display filmed with a 
DJI Phantom Quadcopter and a GoPro

The video has already been viewed over 4 million times at the publishing of this. The whole setup of DJI Phantom drone and GoPro probably cost around $1300 and $300 respectively. Luckily, as mentioned in the about section of the comments for the video, he claims that the quadcopter was not hurt during this filming. This is a step up since the last 
video we found of someone flying their drone through fireworks although the choice of music is questionable at best. 

Check out the video:

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If you are serious about purchasing a quadcopter for filming with your GoPro, we recommend you start with a small quadcopter to learn how to fly. Nothing is worse than starting off on a $1000+ DJI Phantom and crashing it right away. With the Mini Quadcopters you will learn the controls, and after many crashes can feel confident with how to fly these things. Check out our review of some smaller cheaper quadcopters to get you started.