Walkera Tali H500 Drone

Brand: Walkera
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This is the newest multi-rotor from Walkera. It is a actually a 6 rotor (hexicopter) machine that Walkera has come out with to compete with the highly popular DJI Phantom. The great thing about a 6 rotor system is how stable they are. This new model has a flight time of around 25-30 minutes which should be perfect for capturing that awesome video you are trying to make. The other thing this model comes standard with is that it that it does come with an iLook camera which is basically a similar camera to the GoPro with 1080p video capabilities in order to allow for FPV. The Tali H500 has retractable gears which is a great feature if you are looking to be able to film in all directions off this flying platform. Hyper IOC(intelligent orientation control) function IOC function could be activated regardless of aircraft heading Auto-cruise function and the aircraft can automatically cruise around the perimeter of a customizable flight radius. Return-to-home function is standard so the aircraft can autonomously return to and land at the take-off location when the return-to-home function is activated. Return-to-home failsafe is another great feature so if the aircraft strays beyond radio range, the aircraft will autonomously return to the take-off location.

This package comes bundled with a HD 1080p iLook+ FPV video recording camera and 3-axis gimbal. This allows you to shoot a stabilized video vertically down or up, remotely by using your radio transmitter. The Devo F12E is the next generation of FPV radio transmitter with a 5″ LCD, capable of receiving video images in real-time from your UAV. The telemetry function provides GPS data (altitude, distance, coordinates), 3 battery voltage monitoring, 4 temperature monitoring and more in real-time.

It might be worth your while to buy the gimball and the camera separately as there is a significant discount if you go with out those. The other cool thing about the Walkera Tali H500 is that it is large enough to carry a bigger camera so if you would like something a bit more professional, you could definitely fly with it. The only issue you will run into is that with the heavier camera you will significantly cut down on your flight time to around 10 minutes or so.

Package Included: 1 x TALI H500 Hexrcopter 1 x Devo F12E 12CH FPV Transmitter 1 x iLook+ Camera 1 x G-3D 3 Axis Gimbal 1 x Charger 1 x Battery Distributed by iUAS Inc., a Walkera Co.

We also recommend you check out some spare propellers, an extra battery or two, as well as a GoPro if you really want the best shot for your Tali.




If you would like a more in depth review of this drone we recommend you check out the one by FPVGuy.com here.

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  1. Good for professionals but not the best for novices

    Great Service by Iuas Inc, but for me the Tali was just ok. I own a DJI Phantom Vision+ as well. If you are a professional, then this many be the better option because you can swap out for the GoPro Hero3. I wasn't impressed with the Tali, it was fun at first but requires way too much work to fly & the distance is half of the Phantom stock. It also is very underpowered. It took full throttle to climb out of descents in manual mode and because the screen on the Devo is not bright it makes flying FPV impossible during daylight hours even with the screen shield. I'll stick to the Phantom for now! on Tuesday 12th Apr 2016

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