Walkera QR X350 Review

Walkera QR X350 ~$600 Ready to Fly

The Walkera QR x350 is a solid starter quadcopter. You will get between 10-15 minutes of flight time with quadcopter. From the manufacturer, “There are flight modes for every type of flyer, from the cinematographer capturing a sunset with the optional GoPro mount utilizing the smooth stabilized flight mode with GPS and altitude holding or a beginner that gets a little disorientated utilizing the “One Key to Home” feature.” While these are the claims, the Walkera QR X350 doesn’t always maintain altitude and tends to drift, even when properly calibrated. It’s an okay platform but not nearly as stable and controllable as the other best quadcopters on our list.

Getting used to the controls can take some time, when you first give it some juice it can be slow to get moving and then will suddenly launch off in the intended direction. When you start flying this quadcopter, make sure you have a wide open space with a preferably soft landing material (grass). Its SAFE technology is a good idea, it’s like an invisible fence to keep the quadcopter away from the operator -considering the spinning propellers, this is a great idea. As a platform for aerial video it serves alright but not as stable as some of the better quadcopters on this list. Something that really helps with this is a brushless gimbal of which not many are made for this quadcopter.

For what you get, it is a bit overpriced yet it is still reasonable for a good quadcopter of this size. It is easy to prepare it for flight out of the box, basically just put on the propellers, attach the landing gear and charge up the battery. The user manual is pretty good so just make sure you do all the calibrations that it tells you to before taking to the skies. The landing gear also tends to be a bit bouncy so make sure you are gentile on the landings.

Overall the Walkera QR x350 is a really solid choice and the price is right for what you get and why we put it on our list of the best quacopters. The other thing this quadcopter allows you to do is fly FPV from your GoPro so you will be able to see what the GoPro does. Some people like this and some don’t as sometimes there can be a lag with the video feed. Do some research and see what makes the most sense for you! Check out the review on the video below and purchase here.

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