Walkera QR Ladybird Mini Quadcopter

Brand: Walkera
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Product Description

The Walkera QR Ladybird Mini Drone is only palm sized but it has a bit of a fun shape as it looks like a ladybug. This is very popular because the price point seems to be a bit lower than most mini drones. It does have the advanced 6 Axis gyro controlled system which makes it very stable during flight and very easy to fly. Beyond being very stable, it is very fast and maneuverable and we love how it flies. Check out how this bird ranks against the others in the catigory from this blog post.

Package Includes:

1. Pre-assembled Helicopter
2. 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po Battery x 1pcs
3. Adjustment Tool
4. Instruction Manual
5. Extra Propellders x 4 pcs
6. charger (powered by USB cable)
7. Transmitter

Product Reviews

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  1. Great little quad

    The quad's response and control is uncanny considering size!! I bought this to fly indoors and was pleasantly surprised when i took it outside. It flies even in moderately windy conditions. The mini-quad has blown all expectations. This is the mini quad you want beware of imitators who try to use similar design or names! this is like my third mini quad... like i said i thought this was going to be an indoors machine to mess with the cats but it is fun in all conditions. on Tuesday 3rd Jun 2014

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