Video: Waterproof Quadcopter Testing

It is just great to see technology getting better and better every week! This is a test run from our friends over at EZDrone working on a new micro waterproof quadcopter build that can be fully submerged. From the description it says that this will be the first of many tests in their attempts to make a more fail safe quadcopter for filming over water. What completely blew us away is how the quadcopter actually functions under the water and can fly straight out breaking the bonds of surface tension.

While this is the first video I’ve seen of a quadcopter working underwater, these aren’t the only guys working to fix this problem of what happens when you get your drone wet. QuadH2o has a new quad out that is fully waterproof and is large enough to carry a gopro. While they have demonstrations of them dropping the quad into the water and taking back off again, it’s benefit comes from the fact that it actually floats so you won’t have to worry about it sinking. I think that they have the best looking design for a waterproof quadcopter on the market at the moment.

Beyond QuadH2o is AquaCopters who are trying to do the same thing. Their value prop is that their case is extremely tough and will enable your quadcopter to survive plenty of pounding and submerging and still keep going. There are a few other small shops that are experimenting with making quadcopters waterproof but none are as far along as these two companies. We think waterproofing is an important step in the betterment of drones as it will help mitigate the risk to photographers and videographers who want to push these quadcotpers to the limit during filming.

Let us know if you have any experience with using any of these drones! We’d love to get your feedback.