Video: Flying a DJI Phantom through Fireworks!

This is some awesome footage of the DJI Phantom flying through fireworks as they go off. We’re so excited about this new drone technology because quadcopters allow for awesome views like this that would normally be inaccessible by any other means. Check it out below:

What type of quadcopter was used?

This was shot with a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro attached to it. We really love how easy DJI makes it to get your GoPro into the air. Because these quadcopters are ready to fly right out of the box you can pretty much be flying in minutes. To learn more about the best drone for your GoPro, check out our recent blog post about it.

I want to learn to fly, where do I get one?

Quadcoters are hard to learn how to control so we recommend you start with something small like the Hubsan X4 ($60). After you crash that multiple times then it would be a good idea to consider looking at something bigger. At this point the best place to pick up a quadcopter is probably Amazon so once you are confident with your Hubsan X4, head over there to find a good price.

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