The Drone Camera For Entertainment And Professional Use

Drone camera is usually the most important part when selecting which drone you want to buy. Drone is a widely used and familiar name for a UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which takes still photographs or movies. They are pilotless and controlled by computers and radio signals from bases and often used for secretive and dangerous government photographic missions. Their small size allows more clandestine operation than piloted photographic flights while crashing diminishes the loss of human life and need for recovery.

Various kinds of unpiloted airships have been used in the past such as balloons containing bombs dropped over enemy sites in the mid-1800s when Austria carried out military operations against Venice. Additionally in the early part of the 20th Century unmanned aerial combat vehicles, automated flying torpedoes manufactured by the Dayton-Wright Airplane Company, as well as World War One’s Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane were developed. The technology advanced for World War Two and battlefield reconnaissance was well on its way.

A company in China called DJI has been manufacturing and selling aerial cameras since 2013. Their helicopter-like products are developed for recreational and commercial use but not for the military. In fact DJI is now up to the Phantom 4 released in 2016. This aerial drone camera has an Obstacle Sensing System to avoid crashes and will even automatically return to its place of origin, two excellent features that definitely add ease of use and desirability. The drone can also be commanded to circle moving objects which gives the hobbyist the opportunity to focus on taking outstanding photographs. This model is several steps advanced over its predecessor because it flies one quarter faster than the Phantom 3 and stays in flight up to 28 minutes longer without recharging the battery. The Phantom 4 even flies over 3 miles away, amazingly 300% greater than the Phantom 3, and safely returns.

Also the Parrot Bebop drone (Check current Parrot Bebop price) from the Disco Company created a great deal of attention at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada which showcases the latest developments in the industry and is a wonderful place to learn about radio controlled airplanes. In fact the Parrot Bebop ended up winning eight awards, more than anyone else, a major indication of this aircraft’s ease of facilitation. Disco usually sells model helicopters but they were very happy with the success of their first airplane. During this convention they told how the Parrot reaches a speed of 50 mph and stays aloft 45 minutes on an initial battery charge. The model has a full HD 1080p live video camera to make flying extremely exciting. In fact this camera also delivers still photographs to further document inflight adventures.

3DR Solo

3DR Solo is a commercial grade helicopter drone that allows one to change camera direction while flying. Not only is the drone effortlessly piloted but its sky born camera can be adjusted as if manually operated from the air. In fact one easily pilots the camera or the drone and lets the computer do the rest. In order to accomplish this 3DR Solo has a Smart Shots program that manipulates the airborne camera as professionally as any cameraman. In fact one even preselects the desired shots and the computer acts them out as the drone is flown. For instance an earthbound pilot automatically circles an object while manually operating the camera shooting any objects he likes.

While flying one comfortably adjusts Solo’s speed, the highest altitude it will reach, and even creates further options with reset buttons. The computer program stabilizes in-flight camera movement during flight to within a tenth of a degree. It is possible to even stop recording to pick out the shots then shoot and save them on a cell phone as if one is an airborne photographer editing on the go. Of course Solo is the only drone that automatically changes camera position as well as camera angle while flying. Any preset camera controls can be automatically overridden in order to manually adjust them and repower the drone by ground controls.

Although DJI’s Phantom 4 made notice with automatic flight controls like its Obstacle Sensing System, and the Parrot Bebop created strong attention at the CES Las Vegas show, the 3DR drone stands out with features such as its Smart Shots program which helps one take wonderful airborne photographs.

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