Selfie Drones – The Worst Invention Ever


It always amazes me when news come out about a new “selfie drones” or drones that follow you to film you automatically. The amount of popularity those articles receive is shocking… probably because most people have never flown or filmed with a quadcopter before.

It mainly looks cool because it is a pie in the sky dream to look like Brad Pitt and be filmed at all times… but the real challenge is that those awesome video angles in your mind don’t always come out as originally planned.

Selfie drones…

Unless you are a photographer for a living, you probably aren’t going to use your drone more than a few times. (And we are a website that helps you purchase drones!)

Remember that old GoPro that you bought? You thought you were going to have sick videos of you doing awesome ski jumps but instead you got video that looked like
this…. Doing snowplow down the bunny slope with nothing “extreme” to show for your efforts.

After a full day of skiing you take a look at your video and think “Well shit, this isn’t what I was expecting at all…” That classic wind whipped sound and terribly shaky footage. (You know what I’m talking about) From there you figure you’ll be able to edit some clips together and add some music to make it awesome.

Instead, you throw that GoPro in your ski bag and think to yourself, “Well, I’ll get to that later”. Never going to happen. I’d say 90% of you reading this right now have that footage still sitting on that camera in that bag somewhere. “I’ll get to it someday”…. Yeah right.

Now back to selfie drones.

Drones can be dangerous…Think mini upside down lawn mower blades using any weird movement to slice open your face at the slightest hint of a breeze. Put these in hands of people who have never flown before and… you get the picture. (no pun intended)

“But they’re stabilized by the GPS!!!”

Yes and no. Have you ever tried to grab an uber and had the GPS location all screwed up? That is the same technology that you are dealing with. And where are most people going to want to use their new “selfie drones”? Next to all the other people with their new selfie drones! Aka populated areas.

So you have a sketchy stability technology attached to a mini flying lawn mower. Couple that with the fact that there is no actual controller and the people using them have never flown the real thing. That can’t end well.

There are a few ideas out there like the
hover camera, but even then, from the looks of it, it isn’t going to be even close to expectations. Let’s be honest, that product is going to fail harder than all the kickstarters before it since it raised the most money. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

Follow me feature

The follow me feature is designed to allow the quadcopter to follow you around and film you while you are doing your awesome thing. This is available on not so new quadcopters like the
DJI Phantom 3 as well as the latest models. In theory this sounds awesome, but…

Have you ever tried to take a picture of the moon on your phone? You take a look at that full moon and think..”that it is going to be an epic picture!!” Only to find after you take it that the moon appears as a tiny dot? Same thing with the self following drones. The only way to make them follow you with any sort of safeguard against them crashing into things is to throw them way up there…. Guess what you’ll look like?… the moon in that iPhone pic.

This video is a perfect example.

Not EXTREME!.. Although maybe more slightly with extreme music.


Selfie drones are one of the most irritating inventions to come out of the drone industry. There are so many better uses for these amazing machines besides use for the self absorbed. Things like crop monitoring or oil rig checking which can save actual human time and decrease the risk of death.

As much fun as selfie drones appear to be, they’ll never be as good as advertised. It will be the simple oversell that people have to be used to by now with kickstarter… Do people really still back projects on there? Got to be the worst investment ever.

If you’re looking to get into quadcopters for taking pictures, then you might as well get a real drone and learn how to fly it. Start with
something small and get your bearings and from there move onto something bigger and more professional.

Hate ‘em, love ‘em? Post your blab.