Kickstarter Campaigns: Autonomous Aerial Drone that Follows you with GoPro

Drone technology has been advancing like no other! Currently there are multiple Kickstarter campaigns that are introducing drones that will follow you autonomously while keeping the GoPro trained on you.

Chances are if you have ever seen a promotional video involving a motorbike, snowboarder, or any other extreme sport, you’ve also seen very cool ways of filming. Lot’s of videos these days are taken via Quadcopter but require a very good piloting skills. With the new technology introduced by these kickstarter campaings, you don’t have to worry about a pilot since the quadcopter is pretty much automatic.

First up is the HEXO+. This drone is a hexicopter and communicates with the user via their android or iOs device. The user starts by determining the angle that the HEXO+ should be filming the individual. From there its just a mater of starting up the drone and the drone will follow that person at the specified angle and distance.

If wanted a user can fly the HEXO+ manually with their smartphone or with a separate transmitter. It does not have an obstacle avoidance system so you will need to fly this HEXO+ in open areas where it wont be subject to running into things.

Currently the HEXO+ prototype has a top speed of 44mph, a flight time of 15 minutes, and can maintain a 160 ft distance from the user. Additionally you are able to take off the rotors of the hexicopter and fold up the arms so it makes for easy carrying.

Check out the video:

For $499 you will get the HEXO+ (without the GoPro) assuming everything goes according to plan.

Next up is the AirDog. This is an actual quadcopter and connects with a GPS device that a user carries on their wrist. The user can control the drone straight from this wrist and is able to determine GPS coordinate points if they want the drone to follow a predetermined path.

Unfortunately this quadcopter does not have obstacle avoidance either so if you are really looking to use this without it crashing, it will have to be in a very open area.

Currently the AirDog prototype has a top speed of 40 mph, a flight time of 10-15 minutes, and has multiple flight modes including BMX, snowboarding, wakeboarding, motocross, surfing and more to really be able to accurately capture you. These different settings give you some awesome presets that tell the quadcopter exactly how to track your movements, hopefully saving it from crashing and giving you the best shot possible

Check out the video:

The price tag is a little more on the AirDog as it comes in at $995 for the first 100 backers.

Both choices seem to be awesome fits for consumers who aren’t necessarily into flying drones but really want an easy way to get good shots of them doing cool things. It will be interesting to see what happens with both of these and if they will actually ever make it to production.