Hubsan X4 H107L Review and Tips for Flying

The Hubsan X4 H107L is a great starter quadcopter and it is such a blast to fly. When you first open the box the quad is tiny and can actually fit in the palm of your hand. It runs at just $60 and it is a great way to start flying quadcopters. This particular quad has really picked up steam since it was originally released in late 2012 and the updated version is one of the best micro quads on the market.

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What’s so great about the Hubsan X4?

First off it is a micro quad and really doesn’t cost too much. It’s a ready to fly model which means that it comes with everything you need right out of the box. It has 6-axis stabalization which is a great step up from the 3-axis stabilization that was in the earlier model. This stabilization makes it really stable in flight and even able to fly in the wind! While it is easy to get this quad in the air, as a first time flyer, it takes a while to really master the controls and our recommendation would be to pick up a protection ring to save your rotors. Another great thing would be to grab a crash pack as it comes with pretty much everything you need to prepare ahead of time when you do crash, and you will!


  • Super small and fun to fly
  • Very stable within flight and it corrects to level after you let go of the sticks
  • Parts are inexpensive and easily replaceable
  • Great to fly indoors due to its size
  • Really fast


  • Can be hard to get good at the controls
  • After some big crashes things can break but that is why we recommend the crash pack 
  • Small parts can be hard to replace

Basic Start-Up

Charge up the battery as it doesn’t come with the battery charged. Once that is fully charged the red light on the charger will turn off. At this point you need to turn on the controller for the Hubsan to pair with it. Once your controller is on then plug the quadcopter battery into it. After that you should hear a beep and the controller will bind with the quadcopter.

Time to start flying!

Place your quadcopter on a level surface, stand directly behind it, and throttle up with the left joystick. It’s best to give it a good amount of throttle to get the quad about a foot or two off the ground. Once you have some decent height play with the right joystick as that will give you forward, back, left and right. I’d start with just that, don’t try to doing any rotation of the quad as that will just confuse you and you will crash. Get the hang of the throttle and moving in the various directions.


Learn to turn off the throttle if you run into things. If you can train yourself to do this then you will save a good amount of propellers. One of the best things you can do is pick up the protector ring for your quad. It will save you tons of propellers and really make sure that your quad doesn’t smash too hard into the walls. Crashes are part of flying quads so don’t expect to be good when you first start.


The parts on this quad are small and can easily be pulled out. Be especially careful with the battery cables as unhooking the battery can be difficult and if you aren’t careful you could pull too hard and dislodge a cable. If you need to replace a motor then you must have a soldering iron so make sure you have one if you plan to crash a lot. 😉

Basic Troubleshooting

Crazy flying and crashing is part of learning to fly. Sometimes you can confuse your little quad and will need to reset it. Luckily there is a fairly easy way to do this.

1. Disconnect the battery and turn off the transmitter (controller)

2. Turn on the controller and then reconnect the battery to the quadcopter. Make sure you listen for the beep to make sure it is is connected.

3. Do a “stick wiggle” to recalibrate – Place your quadcopter on a level surface after it is on and binded. Pull the left stick to the bottom left position as far as it will go. As you hold that right stick in that position, wiggle the right stick back and forth left to right until the lights on the quadcopter flash. (usually after a few seconds) This will mean that the gyros are reset and you are ready to fly. Check out a video on how to do it here.


This is one of the best little quads you can get to start the hobby. It is cheap enough to learn on but has the capabilities to entertain an advanced flier. We highly recommend getting this copter before you look at something bigger. For a few other good options, we lay them out here. Great, so what are you waiting for??…Grab one today and welcome to the hobby! 🙂

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After you have mastered flying with the mini drone, you will inevitably will want to learn how to fly the big boys. The new technology is pretty great and the GPS assist makes it almost easier to fly than the Hubsan X4. Check out the list of the best drones for sale as well as our camera drones. Graduating from the Hubsan is simply great!