Hubsan X4 H107L Mini Quadcopter Drone

Brand: Hubsan
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Product Description

The Hubsan X4 H107L is the most cost effective starter Quadcopter on the market today. It will take plenty of damage and keep on ticking which is why we love it! This mini drone is recommended for beginners as well as advanced fliers as it is fairly easy to learn on and super fun to fly. Whether you want to fly it inside or outside it will do well for any type of environment. We have a great review of the Hubsan X4 H107L and tips for flying here. If you are still on the fence check out our our beginners guide to quadcopters and drones where we talk more about the Hubsan X4 and some other great quads.

We also recommended you get the rotor guard and crash pack as you learn to fly!


Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
Permits super stable flight
Lightweight airframe with great durability
4-ways flip (left-right-forward-backward)
USB charging cable allows to charge by computer
Flying both indoor and outdoor

Upgrades for the new Hubsan X4 H107L:

LEDs added on each arm for better night flying
Soft padded feet added for more cushion when landing
The R/C’s control distance is now 100m
New material of reinforced hi-tech composite plastic 

Brand Name: Hubsan
Item No. H107L
Item Name: Upgraded Hubsan X4 RC Quadcopter
Motor (x4): Coreless Motor
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Battery: 3.7V 240mAh
Flight time: above 9 minutes
Charging time: 30 minutes

Package Included:
1 x Upgraded Hubsan X4 H107 RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po Battery
1 x Extra blade set

Product Reviews

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  1. Love the H107L AND the H107C

    This is a fun quad and at a great price. Good write up. on Monday 10th Oct 2016

  2. Such a great mini quadcopter that I still love flying

    I've gone on to purchase larger quadcopters with more advanced features but I still love to play with the X4. I like to think that it keeps my manual flying skills sharp and it is a ton of fun. Has enough power to fly fast, yet it is small so you can do it in the house. Great quadcopter all around. Would highly highly recommend the Hubsan X4 for anyone who is starting out and wants to learn how to fly. Make sure you get the prop guards when first starting! on Wednesday 6th Apr 2016

  3. Awesome quadcopter lightweight

    This quad is an awesome quadcopter, lightweight and charges fast because of it's 240mah battery but I think the Hubsan X4 H107C is better. Here is it's full history:
    on Monday 15th Feb 2016

  4. Great Mini Quadcopter

    I've been interested in quadcopters for some time, but the cost coupled with the very real possibility of destroying the thing on my first attempt kept me back. When I learned there were finally ready to fly quads under $100, I did my research and found the Hubsan X4 mini quadcopter to be the most popular. I was about to order the standard Hubsan X4 when I saw the improved H107L, and decided to make the jump and go for the newest version which is what is here.

    Since I've never flown another quad (not yet, at least), I'm in no position to compare it to others, but I can confidently say the Hubsan X4 H107L quadcopter is an absolute blast. Once you get a handle on the controls, the Hubsan H107L is a fast and maneuverable craft that impresses everyone that sees it. You might be under the impression that a quadcopter this cheap would have the build and performance of a toy, but as soon as you feel the solid construction of the Hubsan X4 H107L and see what it can do in the air, you'll realize there is a lot more going on here.

    That said, flying this quadcopter (especially on the Expert control setting) does take some practice; and yes, you WILL be crashing this thing at first (assuming you aren't already experienced with multi-rotor craft, at least). Luckily, the Hubsan H107L Quadcopter is a tough little bird, and even after running this thing into just about any object imaginable (ground, walls, cars, ceiling...) at high speed, she is still flying fine. You'll want to order some additional propellers ( as those do tend to chip and bend on impact, though even then, the props should survive multiple crashes before they get to the point where you need to change them out.

    As for myself, the Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter has definitely got me hooked on the quadcopter scene, and I'm already looking to get something bigger (and more $$$) to play around with. But even when I get another quadcopter, I'm pretty sure I'll still be coming back to this one once and awhile to have some fun.
    on Monday 30th Jun 2014

  5. H107L Review

    I work in a office where there are at least, 6 or 7 Quads being used indoors and outside. It has become a bit of a office past-time. The unit everyone has is the Syma X1. The X1 is what got me interested. I figured I would upgrade from the x1 and get the LED lights too.

    The Hubsan X4, first off IS TINY. it sits in the palm of my hand. It is maybe 5 inches from corner to corner. The pictures are in many ways deceiving regarding this little guys size. It is made well, and weighs more than you think. It's a heavy little thing for what it is, and what it has to do.

    We powered it up at the office as we have some pilots that are much better than I at Quads. It pairs very well, and very quick! It also is, relatively speaking - LOUD. It sounds like a little pack of bees flying around. The LEDs are bright, and it can be used for night flying.

    The X1 "sort of" takes off and then gets into a hover and moves about. This thing goes from sitting on the ground to hovering at 8 ft in a second. it launches with authority. And, with a good pilot - it hovers extremely well. Like it is hanging from a string. perfectly flat. The responsiveness of this Quad is really outstanding. There's nothing "soft" about it - and put it into expert mode and it turns on a dime, stops, flips, etc. One Pilot was rocking it back and forth perfectly - and it was like it was on a pendulum. super smooth, and precise. The x1 is a toy that I would give my nephew and friends. This is much less of a toy, and a kid would get very frustrated with it, and launch it into space in a few seconds.(not quite..but it will go to 500 ft).

    This will take some practice to get good with it, but once you do -- it really is an outstanding quad. For the price - I can't think of anything more fun for 55 dollars. At first, I was disappointed at it's size, but once it starts buzzing around - it's really quite cool. I'm a bit annoyed that I can't switch transmitters, as that can make a huge difference, but the one it comes with is already pretty good.

    I almost have to get an x1 just to learn how to fly this one...or accept that this one has a learning curve. I would say, in this approximate price range there are a few choices. 1) buy this one 2)buy an x1 and then buy a Turnigy 9x transmitter (apparently the x1 is a whole new machine when you hook it to a new transmitter) 3) look into the BLADE NANO QX and a transmitter, or the model up that comes with. However, these solutions are all almost double the price.

    If you are patient, and willing to learn - skip the X1 -- get this one.
    on Wednesday 18th Jun 2014

  6. Great for beginners, will not bore experts!

    After becoming addicted to small flying craft through the purchase of a SYMA 107 Helicopter, my eventual progression was the Hubsan X4. I have made my way through various infrared and 2.4GHz models and found very nice company with the Hubsan X4. This is a craft with fairly steep learning curve the first few times out, but the sheer stability of the thing will keep you coming back.

    If you read reviews of the X4 you will see that they make the Hubsan X4, Traxxas QR-1, and Estes Dart. I have personally found that radios, flight boards, props, batteries, and motors to be cross compatible across models. There are slight variations, but ultimately the same factory makes them all.

    To date, I have not yet met a person that is not immediately awed by the sheer performance of this thing. It is fast, nimble, and goes really stinkin high. Not to mention this improved version is most definitely a step in the right direction.

    The most obvious difference is the added LED's on the arms. This was one of my biggest frustrations with the original. When the battery has drained to around 35% the front LEDs would blink to indicate it was time to come in before the whole thing shut down. Unfortunately, flying in daylight made this nearly impossible to determine, and I have replaced many a prop and motor due to over zealous flight times. Although still difficult to see in full sunlight, the blink is quite noticeable when the X4 gets close. I have not yet had a crash due to battery shutdown. Also, the LEDs bring an entirely new element, NIGHTFLYING!!! Yeah, I love flying at dusk, but with the old version this almost always turned out bad because I would quickly loose my bearing trying to determine the white from the black props. In the shadows it is all dark. Now flying in the dark is no big deal, in fact it is sometimes preferable. Both the blue and white LEDs shine nicely off the black and white props (I was wondering how well this would work with the black ones).

    Other improvements like the shortened motor shafts make a huge difference, one wrong move wont send you to the work bench armed with a soldering iron and replacement motors. I began cutting motor shafts on the original version before I knew they were doing a 2.0.

    Flight characteristics are the same as the original, and the ability to turn off the auto flip feature has made it that much more capable. It is small enough that it can go just about anywhere. I am truly impressed that after flying these things for quite some time, I keep coming back. If I have a catastrophic crash, I will most certainly be purchasing another.
    on Wednesday 18th Jun 2014

  7. Great Product

    I love this little quadcopter!! on Thursday 17th Apr 2014

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