If you are looking forward to experiencing an incomparable flight enjoyment, Garlus Walkera F210 is a light, very fast, passionate and agile drone. The Walkera design team really raised the standard in the development of the FPV racers with the F210 innovation. This drone is in every aspect the next generation plug and play professional quadcopter. In short, this product has a lot of incomparable advantages that can exceed your expectations. The features of this quadcopter from the design to the battery life to the camera to the propellers and much more will amaze you. In the further reviews, all these features will be touched or discussed and you will see it’s no lie that this drone worth being purchased.

Design and battery life

The Garlus Walkera F210 is a black colored drone having some touches of gold. It is designed to have the dimension of 18 x 5.5 x 13 inches and it also has the weight of 5.3 pounds. The product is produced from carbon fiber and it also has a bow and streamlined body design. It is said to have been designed just like a formula 1 car. This drone is produced to have four propellers with each having a dual blade and they are driven by four 28 size 2500kv motors running on a 4S battery pack. It also came with four extra propellers. It is also designed to have wheelbase equality which allows a central COG for battery placement.

Talking about the camera, this drone is designed to use a 700TVL camera which can be used to take pictures that amaze the eyes and also record clean videos during flight. It has a built-in low light level technology which makes night flying possible and it also has a 120o supervision lens. The quadcopter also came with a mushroom antenna. This drone also has a built-in OSD, standard axis equidistance design, brushless motor plus guard landing cushion frame design, modular design to break stereotypes, and personalized settings. It is also a quantum leap forward in a plug and play quad racer design.

The Garlus Walkera F210 has a 2.4 GHz 6-channels DEVO 7 transmitter that is been used to control the drone. This remote controller is designed to have two modes. The quadcopter is designed to have a 14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-PO battery which offers the flight time of about 10 minutes. The drone has a power input of DC 12V.

Ease of use and price

This is a ready to fly drone. You don’t need to tighten or loosen any screw, just remove from the box, charge the battery and start flying. In situations where you have to install this quadcopter, you will not undergo any stress because they are easy to install. It is a drone that is not susceptible to damage and can be used in any condition. You have the opportunity of using it indoor in case you don’t want to fly outside. This drone is faster and easier to fly. You can set the flight control parameters to your needs. The photosensitivity of the camera can automatically adjust according to the brightness of the light. You can easily fly the drone both day and night. The camera can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

The price of this drone is about $500 depending on the seller. Even though it may look expensive, it is a good drone that worth its price. In fact considering the price you still don’t need to save for a year or use all the money in your bank account before you can purchase this wonderful drone.

The pros

  • It is light, fast and agile.
  • There is an increase in its durability due to the new frame design and new material.
  • The drone’s flight is more stable and responsive due to the axis equidistant design
  • It has a motor guard that helps protect the motor from damage in cases of crash
  • It has a protective cover motor design which makes it solid and durable.
  • It has a better agility and flexibility plus it is faster and easier to fly.
  • You are guaranteed of high quality and safe flights.
  • The Garlus Walkera F210 is anti-crash, easy to install and disassemble.
  • You can set your speed freely according to your needs due to the F3 flight system, 5.8G image transmission, and the professional speed controller the drone possess.
  • By selecting and combining modules, you can DIY this F210 drone to different products.
  • The F3 flight controller makes a platform available for you and other experts worldwide to exchange ideas.
  • You can personalize the settings by setting flight control parameters according to your needs.
  • The flight data and status can be obtained easily.
  • The mushroom antenna has an ultra long transmission range that covers the transmission distance of over 800 meters.
  • The video feed is very smooth.
  • The impact of surface damage is reduced to a minimum due to the anti-collision and the anti-drop mechanics.
  • The camera has one million pixels, high-performance sensors, and high definition night vision lens that can be easily adjusted according to the light’s brightness.
  • When the drone is in a dark place the chip can easily switch to infrared surveillance mode.
  • There is no restriction to lights; you can fly during daylight or at night.
  • The camera of this drone has a clear and bright picture quality.
  • It has powerful LEDs.
  • Full Telemetry is available through OSD.

The cons

  • It does not have a return home feature, therefore, it is possible the drone get lost if it goes too far or away from where it can be seen.
  • Its flight time is too low compared to some drones of the same caliber
  • It is an expensive drone.
  • It does not have GPS.

You can achieve your dream of flying more passionate by purchasing the Garlus Walkera F210 drone!

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