FPV Drone – The 5 Best RTF FPV Racing Drones

If you are someone with a flying hobby and you wish to purchase the best drones in other to fulfill your ambition of flying one of the best FPV drones in the world, selecting the one that best suits you is very important. There are different types of drones with various designs and sometimes you get confused on what to go for. There are many purposes for purchasing drones. For some, it can for racing while some can need it for fun. FVP drones are one of the best drones in the world and choosing the best FPV quadcopter can be very difficult but from a lot of information gotten about each of these drones, we get to know that some of the FPV quads have some features that make them unique and edge out of all other drones.

If you are ready to hit the market today with the aim of buying an FPV drone, we have put together the top 5 RTF FPV drones that you can buy. These five drones are selected out of many available FPV drones. Each of these drones will be reviewed by looking at the important aspect of it.


This drone is easy to control, has high speed, and HD camera with a full graphics on screen display. The Vortex 285 racing drone has a video transmitter which feeds your video signals to headsets and monitors without any interference. It has a flexible vortex camera which supports both flight cam and an HD camera. This drone has a NexWaveRF 5.8GHz video transmitter which supports 40 channels and connects with any 5.8 GHz A/V receiver.

This drone as a unique feature and this is the OSD layouts. Many OSD are available in this drone and these are race layout, gaming layout and much more. This drone is very easy to fly therefore it is one of the best drones for beginners. This drone can be flown both indoor and outdoor plus its mini quad frame is foldable.

This drone has a 5.8GHz video transmitter which supports 40 channels and connects with any 5.8 GHz A/V receiver. Artificial horizons, exchange of flight parameters, and F-18 style displays are enabled by the flight controller having the real-time interface.

The reason this drone is ranked to be number five are:

  • It has controllable cameras.
  • It has LEDs that are very bright and are good for flight orientation and navigation.
  • The plastic parts are replaceable.
  • It supports many HD Cameras.
  • It can get lost easily due to the lack of GPS which can aid the return home feature
  • You have to purchase the remote control before you can fly it.

If you need more detailed information about this Vortex 285 racing drone, you can click here


The TBS vendetta drone is one of the best ready to fly racing drones the TBS vendetta drone is one of the best ready to fly racing drones. Team Black Sheep (TBS) has created to be excellent RTF FPV racer. It is one of the only FPV drones that do not require soldering to make repairs and this 240-sized quadcopter is also made with a full carbon fiber frame and quick swap arms. This drone makes it easy for you to repair at the event. It has 3 blade propellers which help in enhancing the speed of the drone. Cobra 2204-2300kv brushless motor which is the best performance motor for FPV racing is possessed by this drone.

It has a remote controller that is pre-programmed for all modern flight controls. It has a multiple arming/disarming and mode switches, with a pan or tilts gimbal controls. You can also customize this drone to your taste. You can fly both indoor and outdoor and due to its lighter weight you can easily take it around without feeling stressed. You don’t have to even bother about connecting it to a computer to flash the software because it came with a built-in OSD. It is a type of drone that can accommodate a battery of any size but not bigger or heavier ones. It has a ZeroZero 650 TVL camera that can take amazing and clean pictures plus videos for record purpose.

This drone is of high demand so it is possible that the availability is very low. The reason why this drone is ranked to be number four are:

  • It has a carbon fiber frame
  • It has quick swap arms.
  • No soldering is required.
  • It is strong and not susceptible to damage.
  • This quadcopter is expensive
  • This drone lacks GPS
  • It is difficult to startup because it requires the installation of receivers.

If you want more comprehensive information about this drone, you can click here.


This drone is a cost friendly and easily modified drone. It is a multicolored drone that is built to look like a homemade racing drone. It is a drone that is produced to have various color combinations. This drone is in two forms; some uses 2 blade propellers while the other type uses 3 blade propellers. This drone has features that ensure excellent stability and dynamic output. This drone comes skillfully assembled but it is most of the time called an almost ready-to-use quadcopter. This product gives you the opportunity to modify to your exact flying style and mode.

It is a multicolored drone that shows a clean, strong build that is sure to impress everyone at the flying field. It is a lightweight drone with a 700 TVL camera that takes nice and impressive pictures. It also has a camera which has a vibration damper plate that will filter the vibrations so you can enjoy stable and clear videos. The cameras can also be easily adjusted from 0 to 20 degrees. The drone has CC3D flight controller with 3-axis accelerometers and gyros which enhance the performance of the drone. It is also made up of propellers that are strong propellers compared to those made only from plastic, as it is made from nylon and carbon fiber material. It also has an integrated printed circuit board which reduces the amount of wire in the drone.

Why is this drone ranked as number three?

  • It has an integrated PCB.
  • It can accommodate any form of modification with ease
  • It is a very cheap drone compared to others of the same category.
  • This drone is built to use third party parts.
  • It possesses a durable frame that is highly resistant to crashes.
  • It propellers are made from nylon and carbon fiber material.
  • It does not have GPS.

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If you are looking for a passionate, light, agile and very fast drone, it cannot be farfetched. Garlus Walkera F210 is the next generation plug and play quadcopter with a bow and streamlined body design and this makes it a unique FPV drone. As part of the criteria that make it rank as number 2, It has a built-in low light level technology which makes night flying possible and it also has a 120o supervision lens. This drone is built to have a remote controller having two modes. This drone also has a built-in OSD, brushless motor plus guard landing cushion frame design, modular design to break stereotypes, standard axis equidistance design, and personalized settings. This drone is fast during flight and this is because they are driven by four 28 size 2500kv motors running on a 4S battery pack.

It is designed to have a battery with a flight time of about 10 minutes unlike that of the Walkera Runner 250 which is higher. The photosensitivity of the camera can automatically adjust according to the brightness of the light and this gives you the opportunity to easily fly the drone both day and night. This drone has an anti-crash feature, which makes it less susceptible to crashing and damage. It has an F3 system that can give you the opportunity of setting your flight according to your wish or what you want. The F3 system also creates a way through which you can share ideas with other professionals. Furthermore, one of the things that disqualified this drone from been ranked as number one is its lack of GPS. This is a very important feature that helps the drone return home in case it gets lost.

Why is it ranked as number two?

  • It has a bow and streamlined body design.
  • It has a low light level technology.
  • It also has a 120o supervision lens.
  • It has no GPS.
  • It has an F3 system.

If you need more information about this wonderful Garlus Walkera F210 drone you can click here. See our full review here.


This great drone is ranked as number one for many reasons. If you are looking for a drone with recent technology, you don’t need to travel far. This awesome drone has GPS. With the GPS the return home is guaranteed. This shows you should be assured that no matter where the drone is, it will surely come back to its starting point. It is also durable, easy to navigate, strong, fast and with some other great features. It is a drone that came with 8 propellers where 4 is clockwise and the other 4 is anticlockwise. It is also designed to have a 5.8G real time image transmission that can give you the chance of having an exciting first person flight view.

One of the things that make this drone unique is the dual satellite systems that came with it. The dual satellite systems are the GPS plus GLONASS which helps in improving the search speed for satellites. The self-developed MR drone controller system it possesses is another feature that keeps it at the top. It has a solid arm which cannot get easily damaged in cases of the crash and the battery compartment is made with a double blank thickness of carbon fiber.

Out of all the FPV drones, the Walkera Runner 250 has one of the best batteries with the flight time of about 12 minutes. The drone is also designed in a way that it will be very easy to change altitude when flying it. It is also equipped with automatic flight headlights which ensure flight safety. They are a ready-to-fly drone that makes it easy for beginners to fly without stress.

Why is it ranked as number one?

  • It has a GPS.
  • It has a dual satellite system.
  • It is a ready-to-fly drone.
  • It has solid arms.
  • It has a higher flight time compared to others.
  • Has automatic flight headlight.
  • It is easy to operate by beginners.

For a drone at its price, it is worth having. For more information about this drone you can click here See our full review here.

After all considerations, I believe you will not want to go for just a drone but the best drone you can afford. These drones can be used as gifts to friends. You can also purchase for your kids that loves flying. Why not take a bold step and buy any of this drones mentioned above? I assure you that you will not regret it.