Estes 4606 Proto X Nano Quadcopter

Brand: Estes
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This is the smallest quadcopter currently on the market today. This mini quadcopter comes with everything you need to fly and can basically fit on your finger it is so small. It is comparable in size to a quarter as displayed in the photo. This is the smallest rc quadcopter available on the market at this time, which is a bit of a novelty factor that has us put this quad at #4. For the price, it is a simple and dependable drone that’s easy enough for beginners to pick up. The main issue with the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano is the size of the controller which, if you have larger hands, is very hard to use. If you’re looking for an rc quadcopter with a number of cool features, then the Proto X is not going to be the best choice. However, if you are looking for a micro dronethat is fun to fly around your cubicle, then it should fit the bill perfectly.

Package Includes:

RTF Proto X Nano Quadcopter
2.4GHz Radio
LiPo Battery
USB Chargee Chord
4 spare rotor blades

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    This quad is so awesome!!! I flew it right out of the box! Well, after charging the batteries of course. It is my first quadcopter. I thought I start out small before I go get the bigger quadcopters. I flew it three times before writing this review. The LED is good and helps with orientation. The batteries charged up fairly quick. I was able to get 5mins of flight time per charge. Flight dynamics are responsive enough for me to hover. I did however calibrated the copter a few times before flight. I adjusted the trim as close as possible to where it did not fatigue my fingers. It has a small controller, I must say it is functional but really small. I am getting better remote controller, the Habsan X4 TX. I did a lot of research and it gave me the same results, get the Habsan X4 TX. I did ordered it before writing this review so I should it really soon. I might give this review another update. Overall, this quadcopter is adequate enough to learn on. I highly recommend getting this or similar if your going to get more expensive quadcopter like the DJI Phantom V2 or better. I'll get mine when I master these tiny monster! :) on Thursday 21st Aug 2014

  2. Best present ever!

    My dad told me he bought this estes proto x quadcopter at a local hobby shop. I went online and ordered, this mini quadcopter showed up 2 days later and my boys and I have had non-stop fun flying it around the house. The quadcotper is very durable - they've ran it into walls and it has dropped out of the sky from 15 feet and the thing keeps flying. You will however need to adjust the trim every time you fly it. BTW, it's awesome to fly it just above a cats head out their reach. Just so you know, this little quadcopter is tiny! For larger hands the controller can seem a bit small. on Monday 30th Jun 2014

  3. Wow this thing is a blast!!

    I picked this up over the weekend at my local Hobby Store for $50.

    I have plenty of the Infrared Syma indoor choppers and this thing blows the doors off of them!
    This is not only faster in every aspect, but it can also be flown outdoors in the sunlight.

    They are way fun and sound cool. They literally sound like an overgrown horse fly buzzing around.
    I have crashed this thing from 20 feet up straight down and it survives with no problems. I have smashed it in to walls and my buddies head... no problems.

    The unit comes with 4 extra props, a USB charging cord for the quad chopper, and a tiny remote control.
    You need 2 AAA batteries for the remote and a small Philips (eye glasses style) screw driver to put the batteries in.

    Best if flown with a lot of room because it really does move SUPER fast. Probably 4x faster than the Syma choppers in all directions.

    $50 for this piece of technology?? WOW... wish these were around when I was a kid.
    on Monday 23rd Jun 2014

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