Drone Knocked Down after LA Kings Celebration

Los Angeles Kings hockey fans decided to knock a drone out of the sky during a celebration after winning the Stanley Cup. This video went viral shortly after it was posted on YouTube and has sparked debates about legalities of drones in US airspace.

Quadcopters are incredibly agile allowing them to hover easily in tight places while holding a camera. The video below shows a DJI Phantom floating over a crowd of excited fans when bottles start to fly at the drone. If the drone operator was smart they would have gotten out of there as soon as there was some unrest. Unfortunately for that operator, they decided to keep filming and the quadcopter eventually fell to its doom. 

Check out the video yourself!:

The issue that is becoming more prevalent is that pilots of these readily available quadcopters continue to test the limits on great places to film. The fact of the matter is that this particular drone operator was endangering the crowd and thus the crowd reacted and brought down the quadcopter. Because of this each party could potentially be in the wrong facing fines of up to $10,000 for either flying in a restricted zone or the fact that whoever knocked down the DJI Phantom managed to break a $1,000 piece of equipment.

The future looks bright for drones and as long as their operators continue to use caution while flying, we should see some great innovation in this space. Startups like DroneDeploy and Skycatch are working on developing solutions on how we can advance this great technology. As long as people continue to stay somewhat smart we should see some great advances in the near future!

What are your thoughts – who was in the wrong on this one?