Drone for Sale – The Best Drones for Sale 2016

It has been an exciting time in the drone industry as many of the big players have been releasing some awesome new drones for sale. If you are curious about getting a drone but aren’t quite sure where to start then this guide will be right for you. We hope to highlight the best drones for sale at the moment and help guide you as to what might be the right fit for you.

When purchasing a drone there are some things you want to take into consideration before you purchase. These are simple things like what size you want, do you want a camera on it, how long a flight time do you want, how durable is it, etc. Before we get started there are different terms for drones that most people use. Quadcopter is a popular term as well as multirotor, all this simply means is that it has multiple propellers to fly the drone. (we have this term used interchangeably throughout this site)

For this guide we are going to split it up between mini drones and larger sized drones. Micro drones are great because they are relatively inexpensive, you can fly them inside and outside no problem, and you can’t do too much damage when you are learning to fly. The larger drones are much more advanced, are big enough to carry a gopro/camera, and should be flown much more carefully as they are more expensive. We are going to highlight all drones for sale that come ready to fly right out of the box.

To be honest – For any of the drones below you really cant go wrong. We try to highlight some good things but, as any drone enthusiast will tell you, it all comes down to personal preference. You will typically start with one and then try another one. The main difference will be power and size and how long you can stay in the air. The rest is all personal preference.

Mini Drones for Sale

These guys are all small drones, like fit in the palm of your hand size. Rotor to rotor these are no longer than about 7″ apart with some of them being much smaller. Some of these have options to get cameras on them but the cameras are typically low quality compared to something bigger with an attached GoPro.

#5 Walkera Ladybird – $54.99 See Current Price

The Walkera Ladybird has been around for a while and is a relatively fun micro drone as it comes with different body covers that you can put on it. It is a little bigger than the other micro drones, actually very similar to the Syma X1. This is very popular because the price point seems to be a bit lower than most mini drones. It does have the advanced 6 Axis gyro controlled system which makes it very stable during flight and very easy to fly. Beyond being very stable, it is very fast and maneuverable and we love how it flies.

#4 Syma X1 – $35.99 See Current Price

The Syma X1 is a great starter drone and is the cheapest of our lineup. It is a little larger than the other ones in our list but it runs very stable and is hard to break. For the price point you really can’t go wrong starting with this rc quadcopter. We would really recommend this to anyone who wants to start with a little bigger quad and needs it to be cheap! The other great thing is there is a fairly large following for this particular drone so if you have any questions you can usually find them out online. Parts are cheap and it is hard to break.

#3 RC Logger Eye One – $129.00 See Current Price

They RC Logger Eye One is a fairly new drone for sale. For the price we think this mini drone is best bang for your buck. For the price point you really can’t go wrong starting with this mini drone. We would really recommend this to anyone who wants to start with a small drone and work their way up. While this is a great drone it definitely doesn’t have the following of something higher on our list. RC Logger is a fairly new company, but their products are good!

#2 Blade Nano QX – $89.99 See Current Price

The nano QX is a great little drone. It has multiple flight modes which makes it great to start out. In the stability mode you have the quad throttled back a bit so you can’t go super fast in any direction. In Agility mode you have the option to do flips and can really push the drone to its limits. The other thing about this drone is it is smaller than #3-5 and is roughly 5 inches from rotor to rotor. Having prop guards already installed is big and definitely saves you from broken propellers, however, sometimes these prop guards do hook on things and can get the drone stuck.

#1 Hubsan X4 – $35.99  See Current Price


This Hubsan X4 H107L is a bulletproof mini drone and one that we personally love and the most cost effective starter drone on the market today. (which is why we carry it) It will take plenty of damage and keep on ticking which is why we love it! This mini drone is recommended for beginners as well as advanced fliers as it is fairly easy to learn on and super fun to fly. Whether you want to fly it inside or outside it will do well for any type of environment. The best thing is that you can switch from beginner to advanced mode with just the click of the control stick. The one thing we recommend is getting the prop guard and extra props as they do pop off fairly easily and are small enough that you can lose them. If you want to learn how to fly this guy, check out our post

Larger Drones for Sale

Most of the bigger drones listed below have some sort of camera and are becoming more and more specialized for taking photos from the air.

#6 Parrot BeBop 2 – $549 See Current Price

This is the newest and most technologically advanced drones for sale. It is derived from the original Parrot AR.Drone and you can control the drone from an iOS or Android device. You can also opt in for a Skycontroller which allows you to have a real joystick control (recommended), HDMI output, extended range, and a few other great features. It comes with a 14 megapixel camera with 180 degree field of view fisheye lens that is in the drone body. They use anti distortion software to broadcast a smooth view to your devise and can take awesome pictures. There are a few issues with this because there is lag when it does so so it would be hard to fly quickly through tight areas only by the video alone. This is a fun toy but would not be a real drone enthusiast’s favorite.

#5 Walkera Scout X4 – $1599 See Current Price



I am actually really impressed with this new drone from Walkera. It truly is the drone that came to compete with the DJI Phantom and definitely does so. It comes jam packed with a lot of features that you would need to add on to the DJI Phantom like ability to FPV from the GoPro camera. It has lots of cool features like being able to control your flight from a ground station and automatically tell it where to go. We are very impressed with this drone and you will definitely start to see this as a solid drone for your GoPro and has more power than most of the other ones on here. Only time will tell how this stacks up over the long run. See how it stacks up against the DJI Phantom 2 here.

#4 3DR Solo Drone – $750 See Current Price


The 3D Robotics Solo Drone is a good platform if you want to modify and add to your drone. It has a massive list of features and really allows you to tinker and modify. It has things like auto-pilot features and GPS waypoint flight control. You have the option to add a brushless gimbal for your GoPro in order to have a super smooth video platform. This is definitely a technical drone and wouldn’t be the best for a beginner or someone who needs Apple like instructions for figuring things out.

#3 DJI Inspire 1– $2449 See Current Price


This is the most advanced drone on the market. It’s design is amazing and the legs actually raise up when in flight to give the camera below it a 360 degree view. It has HD video streaming from up to amile away, 4k video recording, GPS waypoint flying, dual pilot operation, optical flow stabilization, and a 50mph top speed. This is the ultimate platform for filming anything from the sky. If you go with the option of two controllers you can actually have someone controlling the drone and the other person controlling the camera. The only reason that this is not our top choice is just purely on price. If you really want the best, this is it.

#2 Yuneec Q500 4K – $899 See Current Price

The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K is a fantastic drone from Yuneec. It has a 4k camera has a built in screen for FPV and is super easy to control. Yuneec Typhoon Q500 has everything that you can want in a drone. It has a great battery (25 minutes), robust design, high definition camera, creative in-flight modes and a beautiful controller. It will provide the beginners with a fast learning curve, and you will always want to spend some more time with this magnificent creation by Yuneec. We recommend this one for the camera and ease of use. See our full review of the Yuneec Q500 here.

#1 DJI Phantom 4 – $1399 See Current Price

This is the best and most popular drone for sale right now. The DJI Phantom is the easiest to use and has the largest group of enthusiasts. Not only is it a great drone for beginners but it is also one of the most solid platforms for taking pictures and video from the sky. It has one of the longest flight times of all the drones at around 20 – 30 minutes on a single charge. There is a huge community that can help out with any of your questions and their prices seem to continue to come down. The built in camera is amazing and there are a few cool features that are new like the anti collision technology. You can’t go wrong with this one. Check out how to learn to fly
here. Also check out some of the top rated camera drones as well.