DJI Inspire 1 T600 For Sale Soon?

Here is a sneak peak at the new DJI Inspire 1 that was recently leaked from DJI!

The DJI Inspire 1 Shell:


The DJI Inspire 1 Light and 4K Camera:


Check out the teaser video here:

This is the most recent update as of November 6th!:

DJI leaks have been all over the place this week. Today we got another glimpse at what looks like their new DJI Inspire 1 T600 which has also been labeled as the DJI Phantom 3. It seems as though it is officially called the DJI Inspire 1 and rumor has it it will be a hexacopter with 60cm diagonal distance between rotors. Compared to the DJI Phantom this is about double the distance so we can only assume this will be a rather large drone. It also appears that the lightbridge will be included for the highest quality FPV

Hold tight for the 12th!!! We think this image below might be hinting at what is coming:


If you are as excited as we are about this new drone and haven’t started flying, we recommend you start with something small like a Hubsan X4 and then after you have mastered the flight of that upgrade to a DJI Phantom. From there you will be all set for this new DJI Inspire 1!