​Cheerson CX-10 C Mini Review: World’s Smallest Camera Quadcopter

When it comes to who manufactures the best mini drones in the industry, Cheerson Company comes up more than a few times! Since the beginning, they are known as the world’s smallest drone makers, and now with Cheerson CX Mini, they are officially the only owner of most miniature commercial drone. This quadcopter is small enough to fit in your hand and yet possess some great features and agility, including a camera. This Chinese company’s CX-10 is making huge waves in the hobby drone industry and is certainly the most popular one among the beginners.

Here is a full review of Cheerson CX-10 C Mini Drone:


This tiny aircraft has a weight of only 12 grams, which makes it the lightest quadcopter in the world. On the right side, you can see an ON/OFF power switch and a charging connector. The design is similar to other meaner drones, with four propellers and 6-axis Gyro. The body is made from ABS plastic, which makes it ultra lightweight and affordable. The CX-10 C is heavier than CX-10 and each gram matters when we are talking about nano drones. This is also more stable in the air than its predecessors, even with its camera onboard.


The 120mAh lithium-ion battery takes 30 minutes to fully charge and gives this tiny drone a flight time of 3 minutes when you don’t use the camera. The time duration of its flight also highly depends on on the conditions and type of flying. When you use the camera to record videos, you can anticipate the flight time to be around 2 minutes 30 seconds. Considering that this drone is the cheapest and smallest, this flight time is somewhat reasonable.


The controller of CX-10C is a lot similar to its non-camera cousin, CX-10. The difference is regarding its quality, as it feels heavier which makes it easy for the operator to manage their fingers on the control. Another difference is the video and photo buttons on the controller, which will allow you to take images while your mini drone is in the air. It also has a joystick, this time, to avoid the uncomfortable pinching of buttons. You will also find sensitivity adjusters and power button and is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries.

You can operate this Cheerson quadcopter in three different speed settings: low, medium, and high rates. You will generally use medium or high speed if you’re an intermediate flyer, but for the beginners, slow mode is recommended in the initial stages.

Start Sequence: Press left analog stick down, up, and down to get the drone in the flying mode every time you power it on!


You must be thinking, a cheap and tiny drone like this will make a lousy camera? On the contrary, the camera specification of Cheerson CX-10C is surprisingly good. You will have a lot of fun filming and taking photos with its 0.3-megapixel camera, which takes OK photos and videos. You will surely enjoy being able to take photos from a high altitude at such cheap rates, and is also great for beginner drone looking to polish their aerial photography skills.


The price of Cheerson CX-10C is extremely reasonable, and you can get it for super cheap. The features of the camera and fully functioning controllers in such a price is a great win for the buyers looking to master their droning skills. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate flyer, this Cheerson mini quadcopter will win your heart instantly. It is not only adorable but also powerful, considering its size and price.


This is a novelty quadcopter that hobbyists will fall in love with! If you’re at the beginning stages of becoming a drone enthusiast, then this CX-10C by Cheerson is a must-have for you! You can capture some great fun family videos or fly it in the house to spy on your brother, either way this is the most fun you can get in such a small package.