Blade Nano QX Mini Quadcopter

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The tiny Nano QX is RC flying fun you can take with you everywhere since it is so small! The Nano QX weighs little more than half an ounce and is small enough to fly in spaces no bigger than an office cubicle. Never flown a quad-copter before? No problem. The Nano QX uses the SAFE™ technology system with sophisticated flight control software to keep itself stable in a hover while in stability mode. If you get in trouble, just let go of the sticks. The SAFE technology system will bring the Nano QX back to a hover all by itself. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can switch the SAFE system to agility mode for faster flying speeds and more maneuverability.

SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope and is central to the performance of the Nano QX. Even new pilots will feel comfortable with the Nano QX in stability mode because SAFE will make sure the quad is always in control and in an upright fashion. You will feel an immediate sense of confidence and be flying around like a pro in no time!

Everything you need to fly comes with this quadcopter and you are ready to fly straight out of the box!

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  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!

    This Blade nano QX is AWESOME. I received one as a gift and I'm amazed by the technology. An excellent value. This (or any quadcopter) is NOT A TOY. There is a learning curve and you will crash your quadcopter a good amount at first. Practice indoors until you're comfortable. I've crashed many times, and the quadcopter holds up very well. Indoor crashes are no problem - outdoor high speed crashes will break stuff. That being said, if flying outdoors, make sure you have plenty of open space to fly your blade nano qx!

    I suggest you buy some extra batteries as you'll surely need them, plus a second charger. You can expect to get 5-10 minutes of flight per battery, then it takes 20-30 minutes to recharge.

    Don't expect to buy this blade nano qx and not invest anymore into it - because you will if you fly aggressively. I broke the canopy after smashing it super hard into a wall but luckily this comes with a second. One of the motors is starting to go bad after a nasty crash (getting loud and buzzy), and I bought a complete set (all 4) for $15 on Ready Quadcopters. I also cracked one of the arms of the frame, and bought a new frame for about $10. I enjoyed taking it apart and rebuilding on a new frame to see how everything sticks together.

    All of the quadcopter parts are super easy to replace - no tools required - and the only pricey piece is the circuit board (around $35). Keep that part safe, and everything else is easily replaceable. Buy some extra propellers too - I found the cheapest ones right here. Props and motors are not all the same - two are clockwise and two are counter clockwise so just be aware of that if retrofitting your blade nano qx!

    Lastly - a little tip if a motor is starting to get loud. You can diagnose which one is bad by holding the quad while turned on to make the motors spin. Tip the quad around in your hand making all the motors turn on and off. You'll easily figure out which ones are bad.

    Other than that I would highly highly recommend this Blade Nano QX to anyone looking to get into the hobby of quadcopters!
    on Thursday 3rd Jul 2014

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