Walkera Runner 250 Pro Review


Are you a drone lover? Or do you have children that love flying? The Walkera Runner 250 pro drone is a modern world new invention and great innovation. This FPV quadcopter gives you highly developed drone which surpasses the old-fashioned drones. The Walkera Runner 250 pro can be the right choice for you. So you are on the right page if you are looking for a drone with recent technology. This awesome device has GPS, durable, easy to navigate, strong, fast and other great features. Fly along with Walkera Runner 250 Pro.

Design and battery life

The Walkera Runner 250 Pro has improved system which makes it the best-developed drone. It has great specifications which are second to none. It is a black colored quadcopter that is designed to have the dimension of 8.7×8.1×4.6 inches and a weight of 5.1 pounds. Its weight without battery is 464g. This drone came with four landing skids that help it have a safe landing. It also came with four propellers and another additional four propellers which serve as a spare part. This FPV drone is also built to have a 5.8G real time image transmission that can give you the opportunity to have an exciting first person view the flight. Its onboard camera has a Micro SD card slot so you can record in-flight video footage (1080P HD video for 1080P version camera). Just like every other drone, the Walkera Runner 250 pro came with one USB charger and a single battery. The battery is an 11.1 V 2200 Mah 25C 3 S Li-Po battery.

Also, the drone came with a camera that has a horizontal resolution of 800TVL, video out of 1.0Vp-p/75 and power input of DC 12V. The quadcopter also came with a DEVO 7 remote controller which has a frequency of 2.4GHz DSSS, the output power of ≤100mW, current drain of ≤230mA (100mW), the power supply of NiMH 8x1.2V 1600-2000mAh and the output pulse of 1000-2000mS(1500Ms Neutral). It is a drone designed to have a brushless motor. The Walkera Runner 250 pro has a built-in OSD Module (On Screen Display) to show you real-time flight data.

This drone also came with dual satellite systems which are GPS and GLONASS and these helps in increasing the search speed for satellites. Its main frame is now made from mixing carbon fiber and plastic parts together. It also came with fronts and rare LED lights. The drone is designed to have a self-developed MR drone controller system. It has a solid arm and the battery compartment is made with a double blank thickness of carbon fiber. The battery life of this Walkera Runner 250 Pro drone is 10 minutes to 12 minutes.

Ease of use and price

Walkera Runner 250 is simply designed so it does not require an expertise to assembly or put to work. This drone is highly developed to give you the best flight experience. Follow carefully the step by step guide written in the manual to make the settings easy and perfect. The core parts are made with strong metals which make the drone highly resistant to breaking and fall-off. It is more durable, therefore; it is a great beginning for starters and gives more flight experience for the pro to adventure into new flying styles.

The head design is simplified to reduce excess weight and the height of the fuselage thereby, making it easy to change the altitude of the quad without stress. The antenna is placed at the tail of the drone to make the signal transmission flow smoothly. It is also equipped with automatic flight headlights which ensure flight safety. The front running light shows the road ahead, the two red light at the tail indicate unlock and GPS. The Yellow light it does indicate gives direction when turning right or left. All these features have made this Walkera Runner 250 pro quadcopter very easy to use. The price of this drone is about $400.

The pros

  • The adopted dual GPS plus GLONASS system greatly reduces the satellite searching time and also increases hovering accuracy.
  • The new flight controller it possesses can give you accurate flight attitude, reduces drifting and also improve flight stability and handling.
  • The camera has an adjustable tilt angle mount.
  • The 5.8G video transmitter present in the drone gives you HD and zero display and real-time video feeds.
  • It has a self-flight control system which gives precise flight altitude and maintains stability.
  • It is fully assembled from the factory just open the box, charge the battery and begin to fly; it is a ready-to-fly drone.
  • It has a buzzer which rings when the flight signal is lost or dropped suddenly
  • The Walkera Runner 250 pro supports both Walkera and GoPro camera
  • The propellers have a tough plastic covering it which makes them last longer
  • You can easily get the drone status through the front and rear LED lights
  • It has automatic headlights that make flight safe
  • You enjoy 10-12 minutes flight time which is really cool
  • It is highly durable, so it is suitable for newbie
  • This quadcopter can easily return home even when out of visual range
  • You can easily record videos and save pictures taken by the camera into the SD memory card.
  • The battery does not take much time to charge.
  • It came with extra propellers that serve as a replacement for any damaged propeller.

The cons

  • To some customers who love or would like to fly for a very long time, the flight time of the Walkera Runner 250 pro drone is a little bit small.
  • Compared to some drones the price of this drone may be too high and this may be difficult for people or customers who are on budget to buy for themselves or their kids or friends

You can give this wonderful drone a try and I believe you will not regret buying it!  

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